Eric Bruggemans

Quodes Media Director

Quodes Media (PTY) Ltd Company Profile


Quodes Media (PTY) Ltd, based in Randburg, South Africa, specializes in delivering cutting-edge broadcast solutions across Africa and abroad. Our focus is on serving both private and government broadcasters, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and technical expertise to execute high-end productions and complex data integration projects.

Our Vision:

Quodes Media is more than a company; it’s a vision of transforming the landscape of broadcasting in Africa & abroad. We understand the unique challenges and opportunities within the continent, positioning us to deliver tailor-made solutions that cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our extensive experience and passion for media, news, sports and entertainment drive us to excel and innovate in every project we undertake.

Expertise That Sets Us Apart

With a solid foundation of 6 years in the broadcasting industry , Quodes Media has developed a repertoire of services designed to elevate the quality and reach of broadcast content:

– World-Class Broadcast Solutions: Leveraging the latest technologies, we provide our clients with the tools and equipment necessary for world-class broadcasting.
– Rebranding Excellence: Our team of creative graphic designers has a proven track record of successfully rebranding news and sports channels, enhancing their market presence and viewer engagement.
– Innovative Data Integration: Specializing in complex data integration developments , our developers have mastered the art of delivering seamless election data integration services and more, supporting our clients’ needs for accurate and timely information dissemination.

A Team Driven by Passion and Expertise

The backbone of Quodes Media is our dedicated team of professionals. From engineers with extensive technical backgrounds of over 12 years experience to developers skilled in the latest programming languages, and graphic designers who bring brands to life, our team’s diversity is our strength. Each member brings a wealth of experience, creativity, and a deep commitment to excellence, making Quodes Media a formidable force in the industry.


At Quodes Media, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in broadcasting. Our aim is to empower clients with the tools and expertise needed to succeed in a competitive market.

Quodes Media stands as a partner of choice for broadcasters looking to innovate and captivate audiences. Our track record, skilled team, and forward-thinkingĀ approach.