Professional Expertise and Capabilities Overview

Graphics Design Proficiency with Vizrt: Our expertise encompasses a broad spectrum of Vizrt graphics design, including the development of transition logic, standalone graphics, touch screen interfaces, augmented reality (AR) and virtual studio environments, video walls, and advanced Viz scripting. This comprehensive skill set enables us to create immersive and dynamic visual experiences tailored to a wide range of broadcast and presentation needs.

Advanced Data Integration Solutions: We specialize in the seamless integration of data from diverse sources—including APIs, live streams, and databases—into cohesive graphics presentations:

  • Utilization of the Viz Trio, alongside the MSE API and C#, for the creation and real-time updating of data pages.
  • Development of dynamic data pages using Viz Content Pilot/Viz Director, facilitated by the Pilot Data Server and C# programming.
  • Implementation of high-frequency live data streams (e.g., horse racing order, GPS repositioning, live speed metrics) via UDP and Shared Memory, as well as reliable, low-resource TCP data injections for critical updates (e.g., election results, stock market data).
  • Using SQL data mining to gather insights that we organize into custom view tables. These tables are then seamlessly integrated into Viz Trio or third party applications  using C# development, boosting its visualization and analysis features.

Innovative Custom Use Cases: We extend the utility of graphics design by integrating control and playout functionalities across various devices, including tablets and phones, to leverage the Viz engine for AR, on-screen elements, and video walls. Highlights include:

  1. Enabling presenters to interactively select and display specific geographic regions for live election coverage or other events in AR, on-screen displays, or video walls.
  2. Designing interactive game shows where contestant inputs directly influence live graphics outcomes.
  3. Developing touch screen interfaces that access and visualize data, triggering graphics on alternate Viz engines.
  4. Pioneering AI integrations for testing and experimentation, utilizing both the ChatGPT API and open-source local LLMs, alongside AI-driven text-to-image generators for innovative graphics solutions.

Third-Party Software Integration and Workflow Automation: Our capabilities extend to integrating third-party software and automating workflows to enhance graphics delivery:

  • Crafting JSX scripts for Adobe After Effects to streamline batch rendering processes, incorporating automated data inputs.
  • Leveraging C# and FFMPEG for automated media encoding, frame extraction, conversion, and file transfers, tailored to specific media environment requirements.
  • Demonstrating proficiency in Unity3D and Unreal Engine for the creation, integration, and development of immersive and interactive graphics solutions.

This comprehensive skill set not only demonstrates our ability to innovate and integrate complex data into visually compelling narratives but also underscores our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and design trends in the media and presentation sectors.